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Terms & Conditions

This website contains articles and blog posts covering various topics such as news items, book reviews, and opinions. The information provided represents my individual viewpoint and is intended for informational purposes only. It is not meant to serve as medical advice. Reading the content on this site does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. For recommendations or medical opinions regarding your specific situation, it is important to consult a qualified health professional.

Advertisements appearing on this site do not necessarily align with my perspective or opinions. It is advisable to independently evaluate any ads or references and form your own judgments. Additionally, any inbound or outbound links to this site may not necessarily reflect my views. These links should be assessed independently, and any access to them is at your own discretion and risk.

Detailed Version: The Valerynkendong Internet Web site (“Valerynkendong,” “Site,” or “Euthymia site”) is an online information and communication service offered by Valerynkendong.com.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all content found on the pages of this site has been authored and posted by Dr. Nkendong. Any content not created by Dr. Nkendong includes either a citation to the source or an HTML link to the source data or material referenced.

BEFORE USING THIS SITE, PLEASE CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE. By accessing and utilizing this site, you indicate your agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use as outlined here. To continue accessing and using the Valerynkendong site, you must consent to these terms and conditions. Take the time to read this document thoroughly. If you do not agree with all aspects of this agreement, you should refrain from accessing or using this site.

Valerynkendong retains the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. Any modifications will take effect immediately upon the posting of the revised Terms and Conditions of Use. You are responsible for periodically reviewing this agreement to stay informed about any changes. Your continued access or use of the Valerynkendong site will constitute your unequivocal acceptance of the prevailing Terms and Conditions of Use.

The content presented on the Valerynkendong site is provided in summary form, is of a general nature, and is solely intended for informational purposes. This content is not intended as a replacement for in-person professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral healthcare advice. Always seek advice from a qualified healthcare provider for any queries related to medical, psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral health concerns. Neither the content nor any other service provided by Valerynkendong or the Valerynkendong site should be relied upon for medical, psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral health diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it due to content found on the Valerynkendong site.

Valerynkendong does not endorse or recommend specific tests, products, or procedures mentioned on the Site or linked from Valerynkendong to external web pages or sites. The opinions expressed on the Site belong to the authors. Valerynkendong assumes no responsibility for the content of materials provided on the Site. Relying on any information provided by Valerynkendong or other visitors to the Site is at your own risk. Valerynkendong disclaims liability for any damage or harm arising from the use of materials, products, ideas, or instructions provided on the site. Valerynkendong may modify or discontinue any aspect or feature of the Site at its discretion.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Valerynkendong grants you authorization to view or download a single copy of the material on this site strictly for personal, non-commercial use.

Content may change without prior notice at the editorial discretion of Valerynkendong. While the Content originates from sources believed to be reliable, it might contain inaccuracies or errors. Valerynkendong makes no guarantees about the outcomes of using or depending on the Valerynkendong Site or its Content. Your utilization of the Valerynkendong site and its Content is undertaken at your own risk.

The Valerynkendong site and its content are provided “as is” without any warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Valerynkendong, its licensors, suppliers, and content providers disclaim all warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third-party rights, and fitness for a specific purpose. Valerynkendong, its licensors, suppliers, and content providers do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of the content, text, graphics, links, or communications provided through the Valerynkendong site. Additionally, Valerynkendong, its licensors, suppliers, and content providers make no warranty that the content complies with government regulations necessitating the disclosure of information regarding prescription drug products.

In no event shall Valerynkendong, its licensors, suppliers, content providers, or any third parties mentioned on the Valerynkendong site be liable for any damages (including but not limited to incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, or damages arising from lost data or business interruption) arising from using or being unable to use the Valerynkendong site or its content. This applies whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether Valerynkendong is advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Valerynkendong site includes links to third-party websites. These links are offered for convenience and do not constitute an endorsement by Valerynkendong of the content on those third-party sites. Valerynkendong assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of linked third-party sites. If you choose to access linked third-party sites, you do so at your own risk and are bound by the Terms and Conditions of use of those sites.

Should Valerynkendong choose to feature advertisements by third parties on its site, those ads might include links to other websites. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, Valerynkendong does not endorse products or make claims about the accuracy of materials contained in advertisements on the Valerynkendong site.

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Valerynkendong, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers, and content providers harmless from any claims, actions, demands, liabilities, and settlements, including legal and accounting fees. These may arise from or be related to your use of the Content or the Site. Valerynkendong will promptly notify you of any such claims, suits, or proceedings and cooperate with you, at your expense, in your defense.

Valerynkendong operates from Arizona, United States. Valerynkendong does not assert that the Content is suitable for or downloadable in regions outside the United States. Accessing the Content may be unlawful in certain jurisdictions or for certain individuals. If you access the Valerynkendong Site from outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for adhering to the laws of your jurisdiction.

You explicitly consent to the exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute involving Valerynkendong to reside in the courts of the State of Arizona. You further agree to personal jurisdiction in the State of Arizona concerning any such dispute, including claims involving Valerynkendong, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, contractors, officers, directors, telecommunication providers, and content providers. These Terms and Conditions are governed




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